Canberra ACT Australia

local kids out and about in their suburbs recycling, reusing and returning

About Us



Canberra Kids Collecting (CKC) is 

an initiative of James Jayatilaka and his Mum, Jodie.

James is recipient of the

2019 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award  (Environment and Sustainability) and founder of his own local suburban container collection business, Cans In Crates.

He's been interviewed by ABC Radio for National Recycling Week 2018 and frequents ACT Container Deposit Scheme News.

He was invited to speak at Radford College's Dirrum Festival in 2019 as a local "Face of Change" and presented his local initiative.

He's currently getting his school onboard using the CDS as a fundraising opportunity.

He's keen to share all he's learnt and inspire other kids to make a difference in their community, teaching neighbours about clean recycling and changing habit's 

all while making a dolla

The Story


In 2018, 12 yr old James approached his neighbours in South Bruce and asked for their help to set aside 10c containers to help him save for a new musical instrument.  

Within three months, he had almost thirty customers as well as the local retirement village helping him out.  

After six months, he bought himself a Bass Trigger Trombone.  

In approximately twelve months James has collected, sorted and returned almost 30,,000 containers through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

His two younger brothers 8 and 10, have now taken on some of his customers close to home and are saving hard.



* Kids grow in confidence and resilience when they establish and run their own small business.

* Kids learn entrepreneurial skills such as customer service, setting goals, hard work, reliability, persistence and money skills. 

* Kids are active, working hard every week collecting containers from neighbours.

* Kids develop personal responsibility.

* Kids receive financial reward for their work.

* Kids gain independence from peers while building their own identity, developing a sense of purpose and experiencing satisfaction.

* Kids help build community.  Most folks are keen to recycle and help a kid out.

* The Container Deposit Scheme provides the perfect scheme for kids to earn an income not too far from home who otherwise might be too young for a workplace.